18 Let the music sound August 2017

Samzu Agbaje plays Sonata in C minor (1st movement) by Johann F Fasch 

Click the picture to hear me play at our Composite Recital in February 2017 at the Penge Congregational Church. The piece last just over three minutes and has a slide show of churches from across the world.

I am an engineer by day, and am the Organist of Tulse Hill Methodist Church, where I managed the recent installation of a reconditioned, extension pipe organ. I study with Marilyn Harper.

The trio is the first movement of a longer church style sonata, formerly attributed to JS Bach, known to organists as BWV 585. It is light and elegantly lyrical rather than contrapuntally dense. I learnt this trio movement in order to develop full left hand independence, a skill required by all organists.

The organ at Penge has the following spec http://www.npor.org.uk/NPORView.html?RI=P00484


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