*Hear our members play over 60 pieces

Since the Society was formed, members have played informally to each other. Much of this for the past few years has been captured and posted on this website. This page brings together about 60 recordings that have been made.

The sheet is quite large and you may need to scroll it to the right or downwards by moving the slider on the right hand side or at the bottom of the insert.

By clicking on the ‘Piece link’ you will be taken to the actual recording which will be either a video or an audio recording.

By clicking on ‘Page link’, you will be taken to the web page which describes the circumstances of the playing – you may notice that some pages contain more than one piece – for example the first two recordings took place at St John’s the Devine, Kennington at the same time and therefore are on the same web page describing them.

Often the audio recordings are more interesting if you go to the web page

Click on the relevant piece hear it played or on the adjacent link to its right to get to the write-up on the page from which it comes. You can scroll using the tab at the bottom of the table.

Sometimes it may take a few seconds for the diary to load from Google Docs