Market Place at the Southbank Centre

Society ‘Table event’ at the Southbank Centre 26th February 2018.

The Society will take a table at this event to increase the understanding and awareness of the SSLSO. This event attracts organisations that have an interest in the organ world to display their interests. It is organised around an organ recital, this year by Daniel Cook, and includes an interview of him by the Southbank Centre’s organ curator, William McVicker. This will be about about Daniel’s work at Westminster Abbey and Durham Cathedral. They discuss his busy concert schedule and the challenge of preparing Vierne’s Sixth Organ Symphony for performance on the Royal Festival Hall organ

The event, including the talk, is free, the recital requires a ticket. See here for details of the recital.

The time table is:

16.00 table set-up
17.00 Event begins
18.15-18.50 Pre-concert talk
19.30 Daniel Cook recital - ticket required
20.15 Interview
20.35 Concert continues
21.20 Concert ends
22.00 Hall should be cleared of tables.

This is a very pleasant social evening where it is easy fall into converstaion with like-minded people.