Repertoire Evening 29th November 2017

In November 2017 Nicky and Penny Jones opened their home for another evening of discussing repertoire.

Marilyn began by introducing the complete works of Grayston Ives, also known as Bill Ives, whose organ works fit neatly into a slim volume published by the RSCM. Peter Ramell showed how some of the short movements in the Suite can be learned quickly and the gathering recognised the effectiveness of these pieces.

In complete contrast Richard opened a large bag of CD’s and showed the complete opposite of easy to learn charming repertoire with performances of transcriptions of music by Liszt, including Feux Follets, which challenge the technique of those with top class technique. Following Feux Follets was a performance of Trois Danses by Alain, a favourite of Marilyn’s. This was by Wolfgang Rübsam on a German classical organ. It was quite electrifying.

Finally, when Norman arrived he demonstrated for real easier passages from Messiaen’s La Nativitié du Seigneur. Some of these were sections from longer movements which could stand alone as opening or closing voluntaries. They need not be fearsome as some of the faster and longer movements are.

Thanks to both Richard Pilliner and Nicky and Penny Jones for making arrangements and for the warm welcome everyone received.

Marilyn Harper