SSLSO Summer Social 7th August 2023

Our second Summer Social was held at St Giles Church, Camberwell, in the afternoon of Sunday the 7th August. St Giles has a very attractive garden area behind the church which works very well, and even better, a well established nightclub area in the basement of the church meaning an easy supply of cold drinks, and, as it happened, a convenient refuge should the rain actually appear.

The weather forecast for several weeks before had been remarkably consistent, with sunshine predicted for most of the day but with the possibility of some rain later in the day. As it happened, it started raining at the beginning of the event so the early arrivals started in the bar area and very pleasant it was too. But the rain was only to last a short while before the sun burst out and we all 15 of us went out in the garden.

Ashley Valentine was on the SSLSO committee at the time the idea was raised of having a summer social, and originally suggested the church as a place to hold the Social because of the advantage of there being, in effect, a pub in the basement. He is the organist there and gave a short organ recital at the end to round it all off. He chose two pieces written by Samuel Wesley –  Andante in F and Choral Song and Fugue – who was the organist at St Giles’ in the middle 1800s and (as Ashley said) he may well have played them on that very same organ: maybe his ghost was dancing with us (not that any of us were actually dancing!)

It was a great time and hopefully we can look forward to it again next summer, and maybe we could do actual dancing!!!

Martin Callingham