Composite Recital, 19th February 2022

Saturday, February 19th. at Penge Congregational Church, 172 High Street, SE20 7QG:

This is our annual composite recital and will begin at 2.30p.m. Several members have offered to play a piece, although most have yet to supply full details. We have space for a few more players, but we may have to restrict numbers; your piece can be up to six minutes. You can see organ’s specification on NPOR here. Please let me know the title and composer of your chosen piece, with a word about yourself and a sentence about the piece, including its length. You can access the organ, by arrangement with me, on Tuesday and Friday, February 15th. and 18th. between 6.00 and 8.00p.m. and on the day of the recital from 11.00a.m. A few slots have already been taken. Please let me have these details, if you’ve not already done so, by Wednesday, January 26th.

Update: Twelve players are now champing at the bit to enthuse and delight you. All welcome, but we continue to “follow the science”, so please keep your distance!

The event will adhere strictly to guidelines about safety: please sanitise your hands on arrival, wear a mask (possibly not if you are playing) and keep to rules about distancing. Before you play the organ at the venue, please use the sanitiser which will be provided.