Member Directory and Survey


We would like to gather some more information about our members.  This is for two main reasons:

  1. to help us better understand our membership, so that we can organise more relevant events and run the society in a better way for members.
  2. to support interaction between members, for example in finding players willing to deputise, or teachers or even just finding other members in your area who share your interests.

We recognise that members have already provided some of this information when they originally joined the society, however many members have been in the society for a number of years so we would like to update information where needed.

The request is purely voluntary of course, so please provide as much or as little information as you wish.  You can update it, or delete it, at any time simply by submitting a new form, or by sending a message to the Secretary ([email protected]) asking to delete it.

No information will be made public or given to third parties or used for marketing purposes.  If you choose to opt in, a limited subset of the information will be included in a directory which will be circulated to all members by email (this will include only your name, email address, postcode/area in which you live and a “Directory comment” if you wish to add one).


In addition, please let us have your thoughts on how the Society is run, and how we might make it better, using the form below.  Your responses will only be seen by the committee.  If you would like a member of the committee to follow up with you on any of the points, please provide your email address, or if you have other thoughts or suggestions please send an email directly to the Secetary ([email protected]).