19 Let the music sound September 2017

Sarah Best plays Concerto in G major (Ist movement) Prinz Johann von Ernst 

I am a free-lance organist from North London, and a long-standing member of the Society. I  am also an accompanist for the London Transport Choir.

This transcription of a Violin Concerto in G was originally attributed to JS Bach, but was later found to be by Prince Johann Ernst of Sachsen Weimar.

He sadly died aged only 18 from a leg infection, in spite of this, he left a significant number of compositions.

Bach’s arrangement makes use of a double pedal part, and is written in two contrasting voices.

You can hear the recording  by clicking here . It lasts just under 5 minutes and was made at the Penge Congregational Church in Februry 2017.

More information about the church and the organ is given here


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