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Tulse Hill Methodist Church


I am Samzu and am the organist at the Tulse Hill Methodist Church

At first glance, the church looks like a recently built church. The present building itself was opened in 1910 however there is more to this story than meets the eye.

Prior to 2002, the name of the church was Roupel Park Methodist Church. It can be said that a church is not made of a building but the people it comprises and this image is clearly presented here. The present building is the 3rd to be created by the church at this location.

  • The first was a small Iron Church founded in 1870 but destroyed by fire in 1877.
  • The second was a fine Gothic style Weslyan Church opened in 1880 but destroyed in 1944 during the Second World War.


This organ was installed when the church was re-opened in 1970; that makes it 45 years old. Itchurch1 is a two manual electronic Miller Organ.

45 years for a pipe organ is a relatively small length of time but for an electronic organ, 45 years means the organ is at the dusk of its time.

Nevertheless the organ still manages to produce it’s electronic sounds to good effect in the church with 16 stops and 1 crescendo pedal for the swell manual.

Hear and see me playing this organ by clicking on the photo of the church and see something of the history of the church by clicking here

Samzu Agbaje

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