Visit: Dulwich Festival 2015

‘Come and Join us’ at Christ’s Chapel, Dulwich

ChapelAs part of the Dulwich Festival, the Southwark and  South London Society and  of Organists held an event at Christ’s Chapel to encourage a greater interest in the organ and organ music.

The event was held on the 8th May 2015, between 16.00 and 18.00

The beautiful Chapel with its historic and newly restored organ was opened for people to visit. Members of the Society were available to talk to visitors, demonstrate the organ and let those who wished have a go.

8 DSCF2250_loWe were blessed with a lovely sunny day and there were lots of people walking past the chapel. The sound of the organ attracted a number to come into the building and when the event was explained, many very much liked the idea of a close encounter with the organ – probably of the first kind!

Over 60 visitors came and went,  quite a number sat at the organ console having it explained and making noises. Some were organists and enjoyed the treat of simply playing it.

It was quite clear from the time that  visitors stayed and their enthusiasm and interest, that this event was a great success and in some small way will help grow enthusiasm for the instrument: the photos in the slide show below give some indication of this.

5 20150509_162557Nicky Jones (our Hon Sec) managed the whole thing and Peter Ramell (our Hon Treasurer and  Membership Sec) set about recruiting new members.  Andrew Chadney and John Mitchell (both Committee members) did impromptu performances, sharing the Bach Fantasia (Andy) and Fugue (John) in C minor BWV 537. Andy also played the adagio from BWV 564 to demonstrate  all the reeds on the swell and choir. John played the Trumpet Tune and Air by Purcell from memory.

Our Chair, Marilyn Harper, is of course the current organist at the Chapel.

The Society is grateful to the organisers of the Dulwich Festival for the opportunity to participate, and in particular for the help of Alpha, the  Festival Director, for staying with us and encouraging passersby to come in and also her son, Callum, a pupil of our Chair Marilyn, who knew how to get the organ opened up and closed down and actually started the whole show by playing the opening piece – Pentagram by David Blackwell.

Click  here for a slide show of 17 photos.

Martin Callingham

 Photo used with permission