Repertoire evening – Nov 2018

In November 2018, Nicky Jones opened his home for another evening of discussing and demonstrating repertoire. This is the third one to be held following the successes in 2016 and 2017 and is becoming a regular feature of our timetable.

Refreshments were provided and participants were able to keep warm in front of a nice open fire!

The small gathering comprised Andrew Chadney, Peter Ramell, Marilyn Harper, Richard Pilliner, Martin Callingham, Herbert Blankson and Nicky Jones.

Marilyn began a discussion centred on the contribution made by Buxtehude. To the delight of us all she demonstrated the following pieces on the Wyvern four manual and pedal organ as follows:-

Nun Komm der Heiden Heiland (BuxWV 211)

Herr Christ, der einig Gottes Sohn (BuxWV 192)

Ich dank der schon durch deinen Sohn (BuxWV195)

Ich dank dir, lieber Herr (BuxWV194)

Marilyn ended her demonstration with the Prelude on Vulpius by Healey Willan.

Andrew Chadney then introduced us to some very pleasing pieces by Theophil Forchhammer. He played the:

Fughetta in g-moll, Op.14 no 6 and

Ach wie fluchtig and Ach wie nichtig, Op.33 no 8.

Next Herbert Blankson demonstrated the hymns entitled “God be with you till we meet again” and “God of Grace Divine”.

Finally, Nicky Jones played excerpts from Chant Donne by Durufle and less well known pieces by J.S. Bach as follows:-

Prelude in A Minor (BWV 569)

Fugue in D Major (BWV 580)

An enjoyable sociable and informative evening was had.