Organ Giveaway

Organ needs a Home

In 1994 a school in Dulwich acquired a ten year old Bradford Computer Organ built by Martin Huggett. It served the school well for a further ten years. After the engineer retired there was no-one else with the requisite skills to service the organ and eventually it no longer played. Someone was able to fix the power supply but eventually, being old technology, it conked out altogether.

To look at it is charming instrument, designed to look like an 18th century chamber organ, with 2 manuals and pedals, settable pistons, swell box, headphone facility for two people. At the moment it is in pieces in a unsuitable room and it needs a new home, and a ‘heart-lung transplant’, ie, a new, possibly Hauptwerk system. Our member John Mitchell has advised that it should be perfectly possible to fix it up with that or a similar system for not that great a cost, especially if parts could be purchased before March 2019, if they come from Europe. A modern system would include a recording facility to enable anyone practicing to record a couple of bars to hear what they really sound like before ploughing on with a long piece.

The total height is 102”, width 58.5”, depth 20.5”, pedal board adds 30.5” to the depth at floor level. There are two large speakers which fit into the back of the frame. The organ could be in a hall, church, or anywhere where a student of any age could practice without being disturbed or, disturb anyone else.

The organ is free to whoever wants to take it on. John has offered a helping hand in getting it going. A venue and a couple of strong men and a van is all that is needed in the first instance.

Enquiries to Marilyn Harper – Marilyn can be reached through the Society email address which is