Keyboard Skills Master Class 30th September 2017

RCO Accredited Teacher and Chapel Organist, Marilyn guided five organists at varying stages of development through ways of approaching the skills required of organists in their day to day work as accompanists, choir trainers, performers and teachers of others. Skills demonstrated were sight reading, figured bass realisation, score reading, and reference was made to transposition and aural training. Marilyn made the case that a sound technique, based on rigorous practice of scales and arpeggios in every major and minor key, is essential in order to learn patterns of fingering that aids efficient reading of chord shapes. Following instructions to the letter was the other prerequisite for success, meaning that in order to be able to transpose a hymn tune successfully, playing it accurately in the written key, without adding unconscious extra notes, is essential. Learning to be accurate is vital.

Marilyn Harper