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I am Martin Callingham, the Web Editor

This page is  a compilation of website links which members have found useful. It will be constantly reviewed and updated, and I would be grateful for any suggestions that you might have: these should be sent to Nicky Jones, the Hon Sec, on the Contact us page.

Here is the list of the currently identified helpful links :If you know of any other sites that may appeal to members, or you think you might have  a better description please contact Nicky Jones on the ‘Contact us ‘ page.

Professional Courses, qualifications, standards, national events
Royal College of Organists (RCO) Good for courses, qualifications, teaching, lessons
The Royal School of Church Music Lots of information on courses and event of interest to church musicians
The Guild of Church Musicians Qualifications
The Incorporated Association of Organists  (IAO) London Organ Day, Organists’ Review Annual Congress
Church Music Society Catalogue, holds meetings for members and publishes re-edited and new church music publications
The American Guild of Organists A different world!
The Royal Canadian College of Organists A large Society for essetially professional musicians
Incorporated Society of Musicians Professional society for musicians
Local associations Local knowledge, activities and support
Bromley and Croydon District Organists’ & Choirmasters’ Association Local Info
Bexley District Organists’ and Choirmasters’ Association Local Info
East Surrey Organists Association Local Info
Kent County Organists’ Association Local Info
City of London and East London Society of Organists  (CLESO) Local Info
Southwark and South London Society Of Organists (SSLSO) Local Info
RSCM Southwark & SE Area Local Info
Surrey Organists Association Local Info
Essex Organists’ Association Local Info
Thaxted Lincoln Organ Restoration Recently restored organ in a church where Holst and Vaughan Williams worked together
General organ matters An eclectic group
Organists Online A Labour Exchange for organists
The London Organ Concerts Guide Leaflet and website publishing organ recitals. Leaflets distributed round churches The main lister of organ recitals
The Organ Club A national club with frequent events, some international
Friends of Cathedral Music Want to know about cathedral music – this is the place.
The Lady Organist A wide ranging website: an eclectic mix of interesting bits
Cinema and Theatre Information about the theatre organ scene
The Cinema Organ Society The world of cinema organs
The Theatre Organ Club Comprehensive list of theatre organ recitals
Hot pipes Subscription access to a range of theatre organ podcasts – USA centred, intersting links
Nuts, bolts and pipes Mechanics of organs
The National Pipe Organ Register Registration of most organs in the UK
British Institute of Organ Studies The living history of organs
Institute of British Organ Building An association for organ builders
Encyclopedia of Organ Stops Currently link not working
Dan Magic Organ Child orientated description of organs by RCO and the University of Bradford.
Pipe organ builders List of pipe organ builders
Electronic organ builders List of electronic organ builders
Redundant organ rehousing Company Ltd Old organ and pipes for sale
Association of Independent Organ Advisers Get some advice.
Vincent Coggin organ builder Website of a former SSLSO Chairman
Sheet Music Publishers
Allegro Music  Sheet music shop and on line sales including Organ Master shoes and exam publications
Barenreiter Sheet music shop and on line sales
Breitkopf and Hartel Sheet music shop and on line sales, claims to be the oldest music publisher
Oxford University Press A principle UK publisher of music and on line shop
Music Sales (includes Novello, Chester) Buy or hire sheet music
Stainer and Bell Sheet music shop and on line sales . A niche publisher of early music including Musica Britannica
Cramer Music Shop, but website under construction
RSCM Publications Sheet music shop
Peters Edition Sheet music shop and on line sales
Boosey and Hawkes Sheet music shop and on line sales. A principle UK publisher of music
IMP (International Music Publications) Sheet music shop good for French music
Schott music Sheet music shop
Kevin Mayhew Sheet music and DVDs
Fitzjohn Music Publications Largest publisher of English 18th century Organ Music
Free sheet music Public domain music scores
International Music Score Library project Public domain music scores
Choral Public Domain Library  Public domain music scores Public domain music scores
Breitkopf Public domain music scores
Sheet Music Fox Public domain music scores Public domain music scores
Recordings Recordings
Fugue State Films Very good DVDs on Organs and Organ music
Magazines Magazines
Organists’ Review Magazine of the Incorporated Association of Organists
Cathedral Music For members of Friends of Cathedral Music
RCO News For members of the Royal College of Organists
Church Music Quarterly For members of the Royal School of Church Music
The Organ Magasine A quarterly subscription magazine
Choir and Organ Magazine A magazine, little info on the website
Orgelreadio Send in recording and have them transmitted