1. In November, Nicky Jones hosted a ‘Repertoire’ evening in his home.  Go here to read all about it
2. On the 28th Nov at 4.00pm a  Master class in hymn playing by Marilyn Harper at St John the Evangelist, Goose Green, East Dulwich, SE22 9AT starting. The class will focus on how to play hymns and on the relationship between words and rhythm, and how to translate that into effective organ playing and the leading of Congregational Singing.  A write up of this event will be available shortly.
3. Organ (Bradford Computer built by Martin Huggett) is available free but needs  stuff done on it to make it work. all the details about this are here 
4. Another  organ (pipe organ built by Peter Collins) is for sale – details are on the Announcement page here.
5. Below is the list of diary events up until the end of the year.
6. Christopher Town has send me the Bromley & Croydon Organist’s Association’s November newsletter . If there is any event mentioned that you would like to attend then all you need to do is let him know.