What’s happening in March?

Norman Harper has forwarded a message from Eric Shepherd that Roger Tucker has died recently and that his funeral is taking place today (Monday 20thMarch).

 Roger was actively involved in numerous organisations associated with the organ and church music so many of you will have known him. Until his recent illness he was a regular supporter of the recitals at Christ’s Chapel, Dulwich. He was 86.

 The funeral will take place at 3.30 p.m. today at West Norwood Crematorium.

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This month Marilyn Harper gives her thoughts on the elements that make a good organ recital in  Our Chair writes and David Wakefield describes the new practice organ that has been put into the Royal Academy of Music  Looking outwards’.

The Society  had its Composite Recital in February again, held at Penge Congregational Church. See Marilyn Harper’s write-up here. I shall be putting recordings of some of the music up  on the ‘Let the music sound’ page over the forthcoming months.

John Webber  conducted Choral Evensong at Southwark Cathedral in February which was recorded, I hope to have some of the music on our site shortly.

Website developments

I have been busy re-organising how we handle publicising events and  general announcements, so we now have two pages devoted to this: the ‘Diary page’ and the ‘Announcement page’.

In addition, I have made the ‘back’ editions of Marilyn’s ‘Our Chair writes’ and David’s ‘Looking outwards’ work in a better way (more colourful and easier to update) and I have added the complete list of all of the respective articles to each of the back numbers, so that browsing them is a lot easier.

Our web suffered a mild hack in November and it has been a problem trying to work out what happened, one of the results of this is that the ‘Contact us’ facility is disabled and the details of the committee have vanished. I will remedy these in the course of time.

I have also created the facility for any member  to be able to add an item to these pages by simply filling in and on-line form which you can access from the relevant page. This is a very unusual facility and experimental at the moment, but if you would like to try it out I would be very grateful.

March events – More info on the Diary and Annoucement pages

There are no Society events in March (the next one  is the AGM on the 24th April), members are obviously hunkering down in preparations for Easter. If you have anything going on for Easter you are welcome to promote on this web by using the Forms on the Diary page and the Announcement page

A personal note from the Web Editor

6Martin75On a personal note, I am not a professional web designer and have done my best, with the help of Committee members, to create a vehicle to increase the dialogue between members.There will be mistakes and difficulties over the forthcoming months and some of these ideas may well transform in the light of experience. For anybody interested in the papers I wrote for the Committee as I developed the ideas, and in truth to actually help me clarify my ideas, they are available on the ‘Notifications’ page.

Martin Callingham