What’s happening in May?

At the AGM Andrew Chadney was elected Chair of the Society as Marilyn Harper has stood down, Richard Pilliner elected to be Hon Sec to take over from Nicky Jones and David Wakefield has stood down as a Committee member due to competing commitments at the times the Committee meetings are held. We congratulate the new appointees on their new roles and thank both Marilyn and Nicky for all they have done.

A full report of the AGM, written by Nicky Jones and is well worth reading, is included in the minutes which you can download here.

Both Marilyn and David have produced an article for us each month over the last two years, a no mean achievement and we are all very grateful  for the considerable effort they have put in on behalf of us all. Both are standing down from this  and it is unnecessary to say that will be missed. But folks, they haven’t gone for ever and promised to write occasionally for us in the future. David will continue  to add to take us to interesting places and events in his sequence ‘Looking outwards’ and Marilyn will continue to delight us with her personal thoughts and experience in a new series which is called  ‘Marilyn’s Musings’.  I hope that we will have others giving us their thoughts and will let you know who they are when this is set up. Indeed, if you feel you would like to share a thought with other members, or have a ‘bee in your bonnet’ that you would like to air, please write to me on info@sslso.org.uk.

I have put the a recording of Bridget West playing Suite on Sagina Concertino, Toccatina for the Flutes by Christopher Tambling at Penge Congregational Church on the ‘Let the music sound’ 

March events – More info on the Diary and Annoucement pages

  •  Bexley & District Association Newsletter May 2017 – see Announcements
  • Organist Choir Director for St Mary the Virgin, Welliing, £5,500 – see Announcements
  • Eight different recitals are taking place in May including our new Chair Andrew Chadney, Tim Harper, Peter Wright (2), Charlie Warren, Bloomsbury  and Daniel Moult – see the Diary for more details.
  • Also a  Karg-Elert Day at Bloomsbury Batist Church, WC2 8EP , 27th May, starting 11.00pm. details here.
  • William Fox is selling a Peter Collins house organ made in 2001. See Announcements page or go her
  • Bromley and Croydon’s Association May newsletter – see Announcements.

RECITALS GUIDE: National Organ Recitals

A personal note from the Web Editor

6Martin75On a personal note, I am not a professional web designer and have done my best, with the help of Committee members, to create a vehicle to increase the dialogue between members.There will be mistakes and difficulties over the forthcoming months and some of these ideas may well transform in the light of experience. For anybody interested in the papers I wrote for the Committee as I developed the ideas, and in truth to actually help me clarify my ideas, they are available on the ‘Notifications’ page.

Martin Callingham