1. The new Committee is being very engaged in getting a great set of activities arranged for the current year.  Click  here to get the current program for the Society up to November 2019 or click the image to get readable version now. The events program is still being developed but be sure all the old favorites are going to be included.

St John the Evangelist, East Dulwich, London


2. Marilyn Harper’s skills workshop ran o the 8th June at St John the Evangelist Goose Green and the write-up of the event, by Bridget West, is here.

Web editor’s note: there is a very helpful book called ‘The Inner Game of Music’ written by Barry Green for professional musicians to improve their performance using principles employed today in coaching and training sports people.I was reminded of this by things written in the write up.

3. Here is an email sent to members to describe the forthcoming Society events. There is more information ot the Diary page where more details are attached as links.Dear all,

 We have several events coming up:
On Tuesday 2nd July Norman Harper has arranged for us to visit David Shuker’s ‘At the Sign of the Pipe’ organ workshop in Kent. We meet at 1100 then moving on to two nearby churches.More info.
On Saturday September 28th at Norman will be leading a workshop on romantic music at Penge Congregational Church. Having attended Norman’s classes before I have no hesitation in recommending this to all of you.
If anyone is in the Woking area I will be giving a lunchtime recital at Christ Church on Monday 3rd June. Richard Pilliner will be playing at the same venue on the 17th June – see Diary for more info.
I look forward to seeing as many of you as possible
All best wishes
Andrew Chadney

4. As the work of producing the calendar of events preceded, it became apparent that it would be worthwhile to produce leaflet describing what the members’ benefits are, and Committee Member, Bridget West,  has put one together which you can look at and download the document called Our Society


Ashley Valentine

5. The education initiative, led by Ashley Valentine has attracted a lot of interest and the five successful candidates will be announced shortly. Click  here to find out more about this initiative