1. The Society’s Composite recital was held at Penge Congregational Church on Saturday 16th Feb with 13 organists. Go here to see the details

2. There is a visit to St James’ Bermondsey and St Giles’ Camberwell on Saturday the 16th March starting at 11.00 led by Ashley Valentine. Details on the visit are here.

 3. The Society’s AGM is to be held at at St Stephens, Norbury and Thornton Heath, 9 Warwick Road, Thornton Heath, CR7 7NH on the 1st April at 7.30pm.



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4. New education initiative led by Committee member, Ashley Valentine, has been created, go here to see more details.




5.Peter Hurford

Marilyn Harper writes: Great Losses. The death of Peter Hurford was announced on 5 March 2019. He died on the same day as our son was preparing to play at Westminster Cathedral (Sunday 3 March 2019), although we did not know that at the time. That makes three very distinguished players in the space of a few months, including Noel Rawsthorne and Jean Guillou. Such excellent players helped to form the views and playing styles of many of us. Norman and I were fortunate enough to have been taught briefly by Noel Rawsthorne, as well as by other distinguished organists. Apart from the current generation of leaders, it is up to us all to maintain the very highest standards of organ playing and to maintain enthusiasm for the next generation. It is very good to see the new initiative of assistance for younger players whose parents need a helping hand with fees, music and shoes to get them started properly.

The Alan Thurlow Chairman of BIOS  writes: Members will be sad to learn that Peter Hurford, noted organist and Founder of the St Albans International Organ Festival, died on Sunday 3rd March. In his memory the www.orgelradio.eu website will broadcast Peter Hurford recordings all day on Friday 8th March. There is a brief obituary on the www.organroxx.com website.