What’s happening in July?

Marilyn Harper has written an article about her experience of going on a week long tour to Groningen in Holland as a member of the Organ Club to see and play wonderful, historic instruments by builders including Arp Schnitger, Hinsz, Müller and others. Read all about it in Marilyn’s Musings


There are a lot of recitals going on in July which are itemised on the Diary page. They include recitals by our Chair Andrew Chadney, former Chairs Marilyn Harper, John Webber: also Norman Harper.

July events – More info on the Diary and Annoucement pages

    • Organ recital by Andreas Meisnier at  Bloomsbury baptist Church 22nd July – see Diary
    • Richard Brassier performs at St Lawrence Church Upminster,RM14 2BB – see diary
    • Paul Ayres has his latest CD (Rainbow Toccatas) availble at a discounted price Announcements 
      • Organist Choir Director for St Mary the Virgin, Welliing, £5,500 – see Announcements
      • William Fox is selling a Peter Collins house organ made in 2001. See Announcements page or go here
      • James bacon has an Estey Reed organ for sale and any proceeds from the sale will go to the Aviation Mission Aviation Fellowship. Announcements 
      • The RCO is running a course in Oxford for young people on the 18th July which is now full, but all the music is availble free – see Diary page
      • The RCO Summer School starts on the 31st July
      • There is a new fund to help organists of limited means set up by the Essex Organ Association in honour of one their members Chrstopher Kingsley. Announcements 

RECITALS GUIDE: National Organ Recitals

A personal note from the Web Editor

6Martin75On a personal note, I am not a professional web designer and have done my best, with the help of Committee members, to create a vehicle to increase the dialogue between members.There will be mistakes and difficulties over the forthcoming months and some of these ideas may well transform in the light of experience. For anybody interested in the papers I wrote for the Committee as I developed the ideas, and in truth to actually help me clarify my ideas, they are available on the ‘Notifications’ page.

Martin Callingham