What’s happening in July?

1.There are a number of recital taking place, the details of which are shown in the Diary link .

2. The post of Musical Director for St Mary’s the Virgin, Lewisham will  commence late October 2018. Here is the full job description and here is a summary

3. The full minutes to the Society’s AGM have now been added to the write-up page

Events on the Diary page for the next few weeks: See Announcements section for non- date timed activites.


Funds to support Organists

We are compiling sources of funds to help organists. Currently we have found four. A list of these is downloadable from here.  If you know of any other sources please tell me through the Contact page.

Recital Guides

 The London Organ Concerts Guide
 National Organ Recitals
 South Bank International Organ Series

We are the website team!



We are the website team, Martin (to the left) and Samzu (to the right). We run it a monthly magazine publishing on the 1st of the month, but there is a regular updating as things come in. We have taught ourselves how to create and run the website. We use  WordPress for the site, Google Docs to hold the basic information and YouTube to hold videos and slideshows.  Using these central (and free) servers means that it is very easy to work remotely. We would welcome others to join the team. We  will happily show you how we do it and very much welcome  your ideas to develop the site. Interested? Contact us on sslso.org.uk.